California Wholesale Solar Panels & Systems

If you seek to get the very best solar panel products as a property developer, look no further that RSI Energy. We provide wholesale solar panels for the construction industry, offering the very best prices available for superior-quality products.


What Are Wholesale Solar Panels?

Wholesale solar panels are solar panels that are purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer or via a distributor. This makes sense for large-scale developments, especially when you want homebuyers to choose to purchase a home in your community. Wholesale solar allows for reduced pricing upfront to deliver the best value for all.


California Solar Panels

With RSI Energy, you are assured of getting the best-available and most-appropriate California solar panels in the industry, without compromise on the budget. We are dedicated to compliance and we take care of permits so that all of our solar installations conform to requirements according to the law and performance benchmarks. This includes the power generation level of the solar system, its installation orientation, and the area available for its zoning. We also help to expedite the permitting process so that the development is not delayed.

Why Choose RSI Energy for California Solar Systems?

We offer superior solutions for California solar systems. With more options from which to choose, our customers enjoy higher value for money. We are committed to innovation in the scheduling and management of the supply chain, offering developers and residential buyers with premium.

RSI Energy has a dedicated focus on new home development and we have expertise and experience in the construction industry. We even offer property development sales teams with complimentary training sessions relating to solar, as well as beautifully branded documentation to help residential buyers better understand their solar systems. Our warranty is industry-standard and we value ongoing, long-term relationships with building developers and communities.

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