Solar Panels for Home

RSI Energy is proud to provide solar solutions to residential customers. Our solar systems are reliable and they are guaranteed to save you money in the long term. Communities throughout California are embracing solar panels for home, and when you buy a home with solar or have it installed at your property, you ultimately benefit financially as well as helping to sustain the environment for the future.


Why Install Solar at Home?

Aside from the significant environmental benefits reaped when you install solar, you will save money on future energy bills when you participate in the incentive. Additionally, as a California resident, you may be legally obligated to have solar for your home.

California has become the first state in the US that has legally mandated that all new homes be built with solar panels. This new legislation will come into effect on January 1st, 2020. This means that all new residential buildings of up to three stories tall, regardless of whether they are condos or single-occupant dwellings, must have solar.

California currently leads the USA when it comes to solar energy production. Solar currently represents 16% of energy produced in California. California has a goal of expanding this to at least 50% by 2030, so that renewable will account for more than half of all energy produced. In a state as sunny as California, this makes perfect sense – even more so in SoCal!

Make your home sustainable now and into the future – arrange to install solar panels today, or to purchase a new home with solar installed from the outset. Right now, you can also benefit from tax incentives and savings when you go solar – but this benefit is time-sensitive and the current rate of 30% federal tax credit will be available only until December 2019.

Choose RSI Energy today to supply and install solar panels for your home. We will help you determine the right system and size for your home and needs. Plus, we offer a ten year warranty – so you know we stand by our solar solutions! Solar will add value to your home, reduce your energy bills, and you will be doing your small but important part to help save the planet.

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