Solar Installers California

RSI Energy is among the premium solar installers in California. With a strong focus on working with property developers and the construction industry for residential developments, we are a team of professionals who are committed to providing solutions for communities that wish to be on the cutting edge when it comes to renewable energy production and solar technology.



California is one of the sunniest states in the USA and as such, it makes sense to invest in solar energy solutions if you have not already done so. We help enable community developers and associations to save money and preserve the environment with our world-class solar solutions.



Reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas needs to be eliminated, or at the very least, greatly reduced. These resources are not only damaging to the environment when they are used for power production; they are also finite and in time, they will be gone forever. It makes sense to invest in renewable energy sources, and there is none more powerful or unlimited in its potential than the Sun.

How We Work

RSI Energy provides solutions for solar design and engineering, for residential communities and developments. Our systems are specifically designed and planned to offset between seventy and eighty percent of the expected energy consumption of a typical home.

We manage all permits and submissions, as well as working with developers’ building contractors and roofers to coordinate the proper installation of the panels and solar system components. Additionally, following escrow and after receipt of local utility authorization, we contact the home buyer to schedule a consultation with one of our technical team to install a system for real-time monitoring and to explain the system in full and answer any questions they may have.


Choose RSI Energy for Solar Panel Installation in California

RSI Energy should be your first choice for solar panel installation in California. We are focused on and experienced in the construction industry, particularly community housing development, and we are dedicated to providing the very best renewable energy solutions available. We are proud to create ongoing client relationships and to design, supply, implement, and enhance residential solar energy for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.