Solar 2020

Are you a California property developer?

Are you building a new home in California?

Are you interested in installing solar panels for your home or association?

Now is the time to get moving on solar. 2020 is the deadline for new legislation in California that mandates that every new home built in the state must have solar panels. Solar companies in California are working towards this deadline, experiencing an exponential growth in their business due to growing interest in and understanding of renewables. 

California has, for two decades, been home to some of the largest solar energy generating facilities in the world to date. Many of these are in the Mojave Desert and San Bernardino County. As of July 2015, California was home to the world’s three largest photovoltaic solar facilities.

The California Solar Initiative

The California Solar Initiative is part of the Go Solar California campaign. It is a solar rebate program that provides California customers of investor-owned utility companies with financial incentives to install solar panels for their home or new development.

There are numerous aspects to the California Solar Initiative. It offers solar customers with varying incentive levels that are based on their solar panel performance; this includes system capacity as well as installation orientation and location. This helps to ensure that solar installations across California are designed and installed to provide premium solar energy generation results.

If you are a customer of Pacific Gas and Electric, Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego), or Southern California Edison, you are eligible to apply for the incentives available through the California Solar Initiative. This is available to residential homeowners, commercial, agricultural, and industrial enterprises, as well as government and non-profit organizations. Rebate levels vary based on solar system size, performance, and installation, as well as the type of customer you are. There are also rebates available for solar water heating systems.


Solar at RSI Energy

The majority of southern Californians strongly support large-scale solar developments and having residential solar installations as a way to help try to combat climate change. 

RSI Energy is at the top of the best solar companies in California. Contact us today to explore your options for solar installation and the many benefits it delivers.