Solar Is Expected—Standing Out Is Essential

Solar has been growing steadily in nearly every metric across the board since 2006, and is now outpacing all other types of energy in terms of growth. It's likely that choosing the right solar program for your site will play a pivotal part in the overall appeal of your development.

Reliability Meets Relatability

More and more homes are relying on solar for a majority of their energy—but that doesn't mean that every provider is reliable.

When selecting a provider for large-scale residential installations, you want to feel like you know the company you're working with.

RSI prides itself on being a company you can get to know. Our enterprise is vertically integrated, eliminating the distance between manufacturer and the roofs that use our solutions. We're able to give you a quality solution that matches your needs and makes your homes more appealing.


We know builders. Here's what some of
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You want home buyers to choose your community. RSI Energy partners with you in a variety of ways to make that happen. As a vertically integrated company, we're exceptionally easy to work with and take care of the whole process, from planning and permitting to design and maintenance.


We make sure that nothing stands in the way of getting the home buyer into their solar powered home. With more choices on the table, customers are able to get the best value play in the industry, without compromising their budgets. RSI's dedication to innovative, supply chain management and scheduling brought about our passion for progress in renewable energy - RSI Energy was formed to design, implement, and improve residential energy for everyone.

& Permitting

Energy code compliance for new construction is something you want to get right the first time. To be in compliance, home solar installations must conform to mandatory, prescriptive, and performance requirements. These cover things like power generation of the solar unit, orientation, and the minimum area for the unit's solar zone.

Permitting can also be a source for delays when not handled properly. The experts at RSI have best practices that keep installation moving forward, without delays. Because we only focus on new home construction, we know our way around a construction site, and what it takes to have it all right the first time around.

We're business-minded providers, helping you balance cost, time and compliance.

Training &

Having a great solar solution is a selling point for your community. Still, the panels don't sell themselves. With a public that is progressively more informed about solar technology, it's necessary to be able to answer your buyers' questions. RSI Energy is here to help. We provide your sales team with the information and training necessary to answer all questions. Here's how:

  • Complimentary training sessions inform your sales team of everything they need to know about solar.
  • RSI also equips your team with exceptionally crafted paperwork ensuring that your buyer leaves with a professional opinion of solar energy and the community.
  • Relationships form the heart of our business. We endeavor to craft an ongoing relationship with each of our building communities, and to help them do the same for their clients.

for Peace of

We know you value a high standard of quality. Rest easy knowing our products and workmanship are backed with a warranty.

  • We offer a 10-year warranty covering installation of the unit.