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Wholesale Solar Panels and
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Builders, contractors, community development managers:

Have you considered installing solar panels for your home or development?

Welcome to RSI Energy.

Situated in Newport Beach, Orange County, we are a superior wholesale solar supplier and installer for residential and business customers, with a focus on the construction industry. Our experienced, professional team of solar installers provides sustainable energy solutions that are on the cutting edge of the most up to date technology. We are committed to our vision of “challenging conventional thinking to create change” – and with our innovative approach to solar installation, you too can reap the benefits of harnessing the power of our most unlimited natural resource: The Sun.

The California Solar Initiative

The California Solar Initiative is an incentive system that offers cash back for California residents and commercial entities that install solar systems for their home or business development.

All new homes will be legally mandated to have California solar by 2020, as opposed to the current rate of just 20% of new homes having solar panels installed from the outset.

With the solar initiative, California is moving towards a clean energy future. By installing a solar system at your home or community development site, you can benefit from government rebates and various tax incentives for every watt of solar energy installed.

The future of electricity production in Southern California, and across the nation, is solar, and its adoption is experiencing steady growth. By choosing solar now, you will not only be adding consumer appeal to your development, but also ensuring you are ahead of the curve, and benefiting from financial incentives before they are withdrawn. Choosing sustainable energy options like solar also impact positively on your company image and brand message. Investment in this renewable energy solution is a win for your construction development, your home, your business, and the environment overall.

Choose RSI Energy today. We are leading the best solar companies in California and are backed by the RSI heritage and exceptional reputation. With extensive experience in the building industry, we take care of everything top to bottom, leaving your house or community development site with added value and a seamless experience.

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